As a professional makeup artist offering her services Alana MUHA will ensure health and safety is of her utmost priority. These are the measures she will take to ensure this:

  • All makeup and hair products will be properly cleaned prior to the appointment and any cream or liquid products will be sanitised or decanted onto a palette before being applied to the face.
  • All tools will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. If a client shows any signs of infectious diseases she will have disposable tools to use in an effort to not spread these diseases.

  • If Alana is in any way unwell with the potential of spreading infection she will take extra care in personal sanitation and wear a mouth mask. If in the extreme circumstance that Alana is too unwell to work an alternative plan will be set out. *See Terms and Conditions*

When offering services outside of her home base:

  • A clean towel will be set out on any surface before laying out all her makeup and proceeding with the application.

  • The space to operate in will be checked for trip hazards, damage to furniture that would affect its use and for adequate ventilation.

  • If necessary, fire exits will be noted and in the unlikely event of a fire or earthquake a simple plan will be named (ie what to do and where to meet).

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