Health and Safety Policy

As a professional makeup and hair artist offering her services Alana MUHA will ensure health and safety is of utmost priority.

These are the measures that will be taken to ensure this:

  • All makeup and hair products will be properly sanitised prior to the appointment and any cream or liquid products will be sanitised or decanted onto a palette before being applied to the face.
  • All tools will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. If a client shows any signs of infectious conditions / diseases disposable tools will be used in an effort to not spread these diseases.

  • If Alana is feeling unwell but feels confident to follow through with the appointment, extra care will be taken to wear a face mask and keep very vigilant with personal sanitation. If in the circumstance that Alana is too unwell to work an alternative plan will be set out. *See Terms and Conditions*

  • Alana from a young age has experienced significant hay fever allergies at times which can be set off by cats, grass, some pollens, dust and mould. Symptoms include sneezing, runny/blocked nose, watery/itchy eyes. Being aware of the current times it is important to acknowledge that these are allergies and are not infectious. They are just effects of the very common allergens that many people suffer from. In these instances Alana ensures her hands are sanitised after every tissue use and a mask can be worn if necessary. 

When offering services outside of Alana MUHA's home base:

  • All necessary surfaces will be sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant spray.

  • A clean towel will be set out on any surface before laying out the makeup and/or hair products and proceeding with the application.

  • When using heated tools a heat protective mat will be set down on the surface the tool is to be placed on.

  • The space to operate in will be checked for trip hazards, damage to furniture that would affect its use and for adequate ventilation.

  • If necessary, fire exits will be noted and in the unlikely event of a fire, earthquake or any other natural disaster a simple plan will be named where possible (ie what to do and where to meet).

Following the events of a still reoccurring nation wide pandemic Alana has made some adjustments to her practice to ensure absolute hygiene is maintained. Most of these were practiced prior to Covid-19.
  • The entirety of Alana's makeup and hair kit frequently receives thorough deep cleans. These include: a full wipe down with disinfectant spray on all surfaces in the kit, all makeup/hair brushes and tools get deep cleaned with sunlight laundry soap and each individual product gets sanitised with isopropyl alcohol both when being cleaned with kit and right before used.
  • Additions have been made to Alana's kit. These include: disinfectant spray for any surfaces used, plenty of isopropyl alcohol, face mask and hand sanitiser which is used consistently throughout an appointment.
  • Alana's face mask is a homemade hospital grade mask with filters which is worn throughout a practice when in Level 2 or higher, if requested or if either myself or client as sniffles/coughs. When not necessary it is preferred to not wear a face mask for conversational / expression purposes, easy breathing etc.
  • After much research it was decided not to add gloves to the kit. In Alana's research it was found that ensuring hands are thoroughly washed consistently with the use of hand sanitiser in between washes is far more effective than any gloves as germs can still transfer surfaces when gloves are worn. In addition, the free use of hands is important for the application process.
Feeling sick?
If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms please let Alana know ASAP so we can act accordingly. This goes for Alana too. Let's not take any risks, it's not worth it! *See Terms and Conditions* for the cancellation/reschedule policy due to sickness.

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