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B r i d a l

It's my wish that I could experience my wedding day pampering at the hands of Alana every single day.
From the very first engagement I felt like I was in safe, creative, inspired hands and that feeling only grew the closer it got to the day. - Tania



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Not only do I offer a wonderful pamper filled, extra special, Queen worthy glam moment with the bride... the pampering doesn't have to end there!

Include your special loved ones in your glam time and make it a full bridal party!

In my experience no two weddings are the same, sometimes the bride will want all the glam and others want very little or sometimes this can be reversed. With this in mind I offer a variety of services to satisfy the needs of each individual involved at fair rates. You can see these prices reflected across my website.

Have a read of the options below and when booking select which service/s will fit best for you and your bridal party. If you are unsure take a look at my bridal portfolio, in there you will see each image is accompanied by text explaining what level of glam it is. If you still aren't quite sure, take a guess and send through an explanation and/or your inspo images and I can help determine your best fit from there.

Next Level glam

Think drag beat, diamantes, full coverage, full face sculpt, upper body makeup/décolletage sculpt, cut crease, colour, bold graphic liner, character transformations, simple body painting designs, intricate head turning updo's and the list goes on... If the sky is the limit this option is for you!

MAKEUP [1.5 hours]

Lashes Included (optional)


HAIR [1.5 hours]



Full glam

This is is for those who like to look snatched, this could include: full coverage, full sculpt, bold eye, bold lip, winged liner/simple graphic liner, Hollywood waves, up-do's - sleek, textured, simple braiding, extensions and everything in between.

MAKEUP [1 hour]

Lashes Included (optional)



HAIR [1 hour]



Simple glam

Taking your beautiful natural features and giving them subtle enhancements that help you feel like your best self. This is for those who maybe aren't used to wearing makeup or don't love the look or feel of too much makeup yet still want to feel pampered and elevated from the day to day. For hair this includes any out-do styles or very simple one-two step up-do's.

MAKEUP [45 minutes]

Lashes Included (optional)


HAIR [45 minutes]






*This does not include any shaving or cutting hair*



One off features

Need help perfecting the base and you can take it from there? Wanting that sharp winged liner or seamless blend but struggle to do it yourself? Have the curling or straightening under control but need help pinning pieces up? Need help braiding your hair? Well my friend, you are in the right place! Whether it's for you or one of your pals here are some additional options to consider. 

Note: these can not be booked as stand alone services, must be booked alongside any of the options above (excluding short hair 'blowout' and simple mens grooming).

BASE ONLY [30 minutes]


EYES ONLY [30 minutes]


HAIR ASSISTANCE [20 minutes]


BRAIDING [20 minutes]





We mustn't forget the most important little members! 

 A dab of lip gloss, a dusting of sparkles, a curl or up-twirl to the hair and the little ones will be living their best fairy, princess dreams!

*Must be under 10 years old*

A touch of makeup and/or hair [15-30 minutes]


Note: a party of minimum 4x Adults is required for - any travel that takes 1 hour plus,

are on Public Holidays or on Friday-Sunday during peak wedding season.

Contact Alana if you are unsure if this apply's to your booking.

Pre-Wedding Consultation

At your pre-wedding consultation, not only do we get an opportunity to meet in person and get to know each other a little more before the big day, we will cover all bases for your special day glam.

All bases including inspo images, the things you love, the things you don't love, skin/hair types, products, colours, tones, finishes, accessories, bridal party, wedding day details and of course all of the glamming goodness.

The price for your consultation will be the same as above per individual involved. This amount will be detailed in your quote.


Timings will be the same as detailed above for each individual with an additional 30 minutes to allow time for chatting and trialling options. Being 1.5 hours for individual makeup or hair or 2.5 hours for both makeup and hair combined.

Your pre-wedding consultation will ideally be at my home studio in Parkville, Melbourne or I can come to you for an additional travel fee.

Is your wedding still a while away? I tend to recommend scheduling pre-wedding consultation's a good couple of weeks prior to the big day; this way your hair & skin will be most similar to that of your wedding day meaning we can trial your hair & makeup most accurately and have all the details fresh in our minds whilst allowing enough time to digest and make any amendments and/or book additional pre-wedding consultation/s.

I prefer to operate for pre-wedding consultations on Mondays - Thursdays during regular business hours as this is when my schedule is most clear.

See FAQ's page for more info on how to best prepare for your pre-wedding consultation.



Unique, out of the ordinary lashes sourced specifically for you.

Price will be quoted uniquely for each request.




Base rate: $50

Anything between 7pm-7am will require this additional fee.

$10 added for each hour later or earlier to 7pm/7am.


Starting at $50

Any larger parties or gigs with limited timeframes that require another artist will require this additional fee. This number could vary.



Locations within driving distance to Alana's home base will be calculated using the below factors. Your unique travel quote will be determined upon further communication.

 Distance: $0.85 per Kilometre


 Time: $10 per quarter hour

Travel involving alternative forms of transport are warmly welcomed.

This will require all expenses to be covered. Costs may include, but not limited to: airfare, hotel, transportation, parking, per diem, service incidentals and all taxes.

Let's chat so together we can work out what this looks like for you.



If your location requires paid parking this will be researched at time of your

booking and the online figure will be added to your quote.

Do you have questions? You can find most answers to your questions on my Frequently Asked Questions Page. 

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