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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alana MUHA offer a mobile makeup &/or hair service?


Yes! I am fully mobile in my services.

My kit consists of a suitcase size, 2 part wheely bag containing all of my makeup and hair products + 2x mini carriers for my brushes, other tools and hair products. 

My travel rates are quoted individually per client using the official NZ IRD travel rates for the years 2019-2020 & continuing which is 0.82cents per Kilometre. 

I am always super keen to travel anywhere and everywhere for jobs so long as all expenses are covered.

Get in contact with me asap so we can book all the cheapest fairs!

Is there an advantage of coming to Alana MUHA's studio?


If you are wanting to save on the added travel expense then yes, absolutely!

Perfect for your trial or if you are heading off to an event around town. 

It is on the smaller side however so for groups any larger than 3 members i'd recommend having me come to you for a more fun and spacious time :)

Can I bring someone with me for moral support?

Friends and family members are welcomed with open arms. If they make you happy, they make me happy!

Just remember this is your own personal pamper time and I want you to feel like your best self so bring no more than 1 or 2 of those that will build you up because we don't need any negativity during our time! 

Does Alana MUHA do group bookings?


I sure do! :)

My maximum group sizes are:

Makeup - up to 6 people for one sitting (the more people, the more time - factor in 40 mins - 1 hour pp for varying skin types and makeup looks)

Hair - up to 8 people for one sitting (factoring in 40 mins - 1 hour pp for varying hair types and styles)

Makeup & Hair - up to 5 people for one sitting (factoring in 1 hour 40 mins - 2 hours pp for varying skin types, makeup looks, hair types, styles etc.)

For groups wanting more members, get in contact with me and I can organise another artist for the job giving more time for more people. An added fee will be required for this and will be quoted upon further discussion.

How do I book an appointment with Alana MUHA?


Head over to my contact form, fill out all the fields with all your event details and click send. 

I will get back to you as soon as I can to communicate any further details with you & secure your booking.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?


Once all the information is communicated, I will send you your booking confirmation form displaying all your details and the full price of your service.

After everything is confirmed you will receive an invoice in your email which will be your non-refundable deposit of 20% of the full price of your service which you will be required to pay to fully secure your booking.

This deposit will become a part of your final overall payment on completion of appointment.

Your date will not be secured until the deposit has been paid unless I have directly told you otherwise.

How far out should I book?

As soon as you possibly can! The sooner you contact me the higher the likelihood is of me being available.

However, if it is last minute don't hesitate to get in contact with me on the off chance I am available for your desired time.

My books are open up to 12 months in advance :)

How long would a makeup and/or hair appointment take?


The answer to this can differ depending on multiple different factors including: the service you are after, the complexity of a look, the thickness of hair, the amount of people involved etc. This can all be discussed in further communications.

If you are wanting to block out your timings for the day the most efficient way to figure this out is to work backwards, starting from the time your event starts and then factoring in some or all of the following:

  • Travel time from prep location to event venue.

  • 30mins for getting dressed and having a moment to chill with a glass of bubbly, a laugh or 2 with your loved ones and a few snaps with the camera.

  • 1 hour pp for a full makeup or hair style (bride / individual private client).

  • 45 mins pp for more simple makeup or hair styling (including bridesmaids).

  • 10 mins pp for a touch of makeup or hair on any flower girls or extra members potentially wanting a little something

  • 30 minute buffer - the last thing we want is a stress at the end due to varying factors causing times to go over.

What is included in a service?

During your appointment session with me we will start by chatting about all things you; skin type, skin conditions, allergies, hair type, hair conditions etc. then we will bring to life the makeup and/or hair look tailored to all your specific requirements and wishes to get the best, most flawless finish.

Processes can vary for each different services I offer but I can always guarantee a good time, chill vibes and lots of glamming!

How to prepare for your makeup and/or Hair session:



  • In the lead up to any big event make sure you take extra special care to treat your skin with all the love it deserves.

  • Cleanse 1-2 times a day (morning and night). Exfoliate when needed - if your skin is feeling super bumpy and sandpaper like this is when you know it's needed; you should only need to do it around 1-2 times a week (one of those being the night before your appointment). Tone and moisturise right after you cleanse for optimal absorption (make sure your hands are freshly clean before decanting any product and massaging into the face). If you feel the need to pick at your skin (lets be real we all have weak moments), avoid doing it right before our appointment.

  • I wouldn't recommend going experimental with new products right before your appointment date just incase of potential allergies or negative skin reactions.

  • Bring with you any specific products you would like me to use - especially if you know you have super sensitive skin.

  • Wear clothes that are easy to remove without disturbing the makeup and hair when finished. I can provide a cape if necessary.

  • If you haven't sent me already, bring any inspo photos you have so we can nail the exact look you are wanting!


  • It's recommended to wash your hair 1 or 2 days before the event so it has a bit of natural oil texture to work with, you can wet it on the day so long as it's dry for your scheduled appointment to save time on blow drying. If you prefer to have your hair freshly cleaned that is not a problem, we can use extra product to add the texture back in.

  • If you have curly hair that requires specific products and attention feel free to do that before your appointment but no stress if not, I can help you achieve your hair goals regardless.

  • If you have super dry/frizzy hair, apply generous amounts of conditioner in the shower and follow up with argan or coconut oil for a good few weeks before your event to encourage healthier hair. You can use hair masks for extra benefits.

  • Make sure when you wash your hair to shampoo from the roots down giving yourself a good head massage to stimulate the scalp encouraging healthy hair growth and avoiding getting a flaky scalp. Then condition from the ends up with next to nothing on the scalp because too much conditioner on the roots can cause excess oil making the hair appear greasier quicker. Also remember to thoroughly rinse all product from the hair before exiting the shower.

  • Provide any hair accessories/veil you are planning to wear with your look - especially for any trials to get a feel for how they sit / how they look and make sure you are happy with everything.

  • For your hair trial if possible come wearing makeup (if you know you will be wearing it on the day) so we can get an idea of how it will look all together. It would also be helpful if you come wearing a similar neckline to that of your wedding dress to see how the style suits your neck, shoulders, back and décolletage areas. If you will be wearing any extensions on the day please make sure to have them with you for the trial.

  • If you haven't sent me already, bring any inspo photos you have so we can nail the exact look you are wanting!​​​​

When should I book a trial & how long does a trial take?


A trial should generally be scheduled a good couple of weeks before your big day; not too long out that it gets forgotten but far enough out that if plans change you have time to sort it all.

It is important that your hair is the same / similar length on your wedding day to what it is in your trial. Any sudden changes between the trial and the day will essentially make the trial irrelevant.

A trial generally takes 1 hour for individual hair or makeup or 2 hours for both makeup and hair.

Whats in your contract?


See my health and safety & covid-19 policy + terms and conditions or follow the links at the bottom of this page.

You will love your finished makeup and/or hair!


It is my soul purpose in my business to make everyone whom I get the honour of glamming to feel their own unique beauty, inside and out. The work I do is there to happily enhance the features you already have which in itself is so beautiful, and why not treat yourself for a moment and feel pampered and loved on because I know you deserve it!

To me not only is the application important but also the experience. I want everyone to leave feeling uplifted and that little bit braver, stronger and ready to take on the world.