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"I had a 1:1 session with Alana and I loved every minute! Alana was a great teacher, passing on her many tips and tricks of the trade and insights into beauty products. Her training has been such a to help me on the start of my journey, as a budding MUA". - Beth

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For those seeking to up-skill!

 One on One Lessons

In a one on one personalised lesson with me we will talk / practice all the things you have the desire to improve on including but not limited to

Products, Hygiene, Skin Types, Hair Types, Colours, Product Placement, tools etc.

On the day you will need to prepare all your makeup and/or hair products and tools so we can have a look through your personal makeup kit, talk about what should stay and what should go and get an idea of what might need to be added to the shopping list!

In preparation for your lesson we will have a chat about what it is specifically you want to learn and together we will create a lesson plan specifically tailored to you.

Using a mixture of your own existing kit and my professional kit together we will work our way through all the steps to create your very own makeup and/or hair look.

I will apply makeup to half of your face and you will recreate it on the other half with my guidance.

I am there to answer all your questions, I can talk a lot when it comes to something that I am so passionate about but don't worry, I speak your language and I strive to tailor my teachings to meet all of your requirements. We can go as slow or as fast as you need :)

I have a depth of knowledge built up over many years and as things arise on the day we can address them and you will end up learning things you may not have known were a question.

You will leave with a new found confidence in your abilities, a shopping list with quality products to up the application game, advice on what can be done for continual improvement as well as a sense of achievement.

One on One Makeup Lesson

$250 up to 2 hours

One on One Hair Lesson

$250 up to 2 hours

One on One Makeup and Hair Lesson

$450 up to 4 hours

 Lessons for the Makeup Artists

This is a specifically tailored lesson for any makeup and/or hair artists out there who are needing some extra support to grow their careers in this challenging industry.

Makeup and hair artistry is very much a self led, often isolating industry.

It is big and daunting and you are expected to know it all, but how can you know it all when there are literally endless things to learn?!

Through this service I am hoping to inspire other artists out there to not give up.

I want to create a supported and empowered MUHA community through offering my experience and knowledge to those who would like a helping hand.

I do not claim to know it all (and I don't think anyone really does) but with 9+ years of industry experience and learning through courses, assisting many other experienced MUHA's and by doing / not doing I have picked up many tips and tricks that I think all makeup artists should know and less should have to waste time trying to figure out on their own.

I offer a depth of knowledge on actual real world stuff like:


Styling techniques

Motivation for leading a self run business

Building your kit in the most cost efficient way

Product knowledge


Knowing what to charge

Effective communication

How to stand up for yourself

Specific questions to ask clients during your service

How to perform with the highest possible hygiene standards

Ways to show confidence with your client to elevate your performance

Ways to applying product so the client feels most at ease


Get in touch and we can have a chat about all the things and together create a lesson tailored specifically to you. It might be just us chatting all things books, admin, industry or it might include a model coming in to sit while we work our way through a look or even a bit of both.

Makeup Lesson

$300 up to 3 hours

Hair Lesson

$300 up to 3 hours

Makeup and Hair Lesson

$550 up to 4 hours

*Disclaimer* These are not qualified courses in any way, and at this stage I am unable to provide physical products for kits but I will help you create a digital list of kit must haves to get you started.

For convenience purposes I like to have my lessons in person. I can come to you for an additional travel fee detailed below.



$15 per pair/set



Locations within driving distance to my home base.

 $1 per Kilometre

 + parking expenses should they apply.

Travel involving alternative forms of transport are warmly welcomed and will require all expenses covered.

Final quotes will be determined after further communication.

Do you have questions? You can find most answers to your questions on my Frequently Asked Questions Page. 

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