SFX & Character

Makeup & / or Hair

Alana was incredibly accommodating and made my first full makeup experience so easy and amazing. She asked for inspiration and discussed the look I was going for - and completely nailed it! My glorious glitter beard totally stole the show. I would recommend Alana to everyone. - David



My Pricing


 Halloween | Themed Parties or Events |  Conventions | etc.

For the individual getting spooky!

Simple SFX Makeup:   $130 

Simple Hair Styling:   $100 

Simple SFX Makeup & Hair:   $230 

Full SFX Makeup:   $150 


Full Hair Styling:   $120 


Full SFX Makeup & Hair:   $270 

Anything involving further time and skills including body painting, wig prep / application will be quoted uniquely and after communications and an understanding has been established.

Half day or full day rates may apply (see Fashion / Commercial page).

Note - prosthetics and anything too gorey are areas I am not so confident in and not all inspired by. If you are wanting something along these lines - for the best results I recommend seeking another artist with a passion in this area.

add ons


These additional services are also available to elevate your experience with me even further!



Add some glorious lashes to the mix to complete a look to

perfection and add that extra touch of wow to the day!


 per pair / Set of individuals 



Locations within driving distance to my home base in Island Bay, Wellington will be based off of 

NZ's most recently updated IRD mileage rates:

 82   cents per Kilometre  

 + any parking expenses 

A quote will be sent out once an understanding of location is made.

Any travel that involves alternative forms of transport will require all expenses included to be covered.

Extra information

Time frames for a spook session with me will depend on the complexity of the look and how much an individual is wanting done. An estimate timeframe will be given after communications have been made.

If you have any other questions regarding you booking please refer to the

Frequently Asked Questions Page.

 * Prices are in NZD *